For various exciting reasons, I am pretty restricted in what I can actually eat so it’s quite the effort to make sure I get adequate nutrition and a sufficient calories and protein to fuel me training. Here’s the breakdown:

1. I’m a pescatarian- plant based foods and seafood only

2. I follow a FODMAPS diet (for IBS), in short:

NO onion, garlic, cashews, pistachios, cauliflower, apple, honey, agave, dried fruits or wheat,

LIMITED avocado, mushroom, beetroot, celery, legumes

3. Although not tyically part of a FODMAPS diet I can handle some dairy- only full fat milk, limited butter, cheese and cream and NO cream cheese or anything suspiciously labelled as containing ‘milk ingredients’

4. Limited sugar intake. I try not to consume any at all as far as I can help it, fruit included. For post-workout smoothies I do use bananas, and I will often treat myself to a square or 2 of dark chocolate in the evening…

It sounds horrendous and my friends shudder with horror if I don’t think up a handy excuse not to attend their dinner parties, but I actually really enjoy the food I CAN eat and am perfectly content with my general eating. A typical day looks like this:


I usually start with a couple of teaspoons of organic unpasteurised apple cider vinegar (oddly, it doesn’t seem to bother my stomach), lemon juice and water. It’s good for kickstarting liver function as well as detoxifying and improving gut flora.

Cooked buckwheat/quinoa/oatmeal, usually a combination of any or all of these things depending on my mood and what happens to be in the cupboard. To this I add milled flax, chia seeds and usually a few chopped almonds and walnuts- all soaked  for about an hour while I do my morning yoga and generally dick about- cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of salt and a splash of oat milk.

Black coffee (limited to 2 small cups max or I get the jitters).


Some sort of salad concoction, usually comprising of any/all of the following: courgette (zucchini), carrot, spinach, greens, kale, beetroot, mushroom, broccoli, olives, tomato, crushed walnuts, pumpkin seeds, smoked mackerel, steamed potato or sweet potato. Usually I have everything raw or lightly steamed in the case of the kale and greens. My dressing of choice is currently a mixture of tahini, lemon juice, coriander (cilantro), nutritional yeast flakes and sea salt.


Living with the parents means I have to actually mix my meals up a little as they aren’t as happy to eat the same thing every day as I seem to be. The current rotation of favourites include:

-Baked salmon, potato wedges and steamed vegetables

-Vegetable curry (made with garlic and onion infused oils rather than the ‘real’ thing)

-Prawn risotto (again with infused oil)

-Quinoa and mushroom patties with salad, baba ganoush and tahini dip

-Baked sweet potato with salad and chilli-lime tuna mayo


Rice or corn cakes which I eat plain or spread with a choice of: tahini and sea salt, marmite, or almond butter and cinnamon

Carrot/ cucumber sticks with mustard mayo, tahini lemon dip or raw seed butter

Frozen banana slices

Brazil nuts

Dark chocolate

Decaf black tea with whole milk


I’m a pretty experimental cook and don’t generally pay much attention to recipes. I will attempt to get a few of my favourite meals ‘quantified’ however so I can share them with you in a useable manner!

I should also add that despite my best intentions, not every day is perfect and I’m a chronic snacker. I try to stick to foods that won’t hurt me but I fail and have a chocolate and ice-cream feast probably once a week or so. How detrimental it is to my health is yet to be decided…I like to think I get enough ‘good stuff’ in to balance out my occasional sweet feasts…but I’m working on getting the sugar cravings out of my life altogether. I know myself well enough to realise that imposing a completely inflexible diet on myself is a recipe for disaster, and I do let myself relax a little if I’m eating out or being cooked for by others… though I usually suffer the consequences of upsetting my stomach later…




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