I have been absent, not only from the online world, but from the exercise world in general. Despite the last cycle starting Strong (see what I did there?) it went downhill quickly after the arrival of my delightful boyfriend Tyler, who is Canadian and therefore needed showing around the length and breadth of England. We succeeded…and I failed in exercising…

I must confess however, that 6 weeks is too long to be on the road for (especially for a reluctant traveler like Tyler) and though we did have quite a lot of travel time, we did spend a few weeks at my home, a period in which I had hoped to get back into routine and limit the potential damage of a full 6 week hiatus from exercise.

It turns out that a loitering boyfriend is a seriously demotivating influence- apparently I find it incredibly difficult to work out to corny YouTube videos when there are witnesses present. My yoga practice has also suffered as I found myself- mid downward facing dog- wondering ‘Oh dear, I hope he’s not getting too bored.’ It would seem I have something of an overbearing mothering/suffocating instinct, God help my children should I have any…

But there IS a silver-lining to all this failure: in large part thanks to my new job at the Leisure Centre (I get off-peak free access) not just my desperation to get out on my own for an hour or two (!), I have discovered a love of group exercise classes. My competitive streak- against the other participants as well as my own past performances- means I work my butt off every time AND I also work-out for longer than I would at home where my attention is constantly distracted.  Furthermore, the set time schedules mean I cant procrastinate and keep putting off my workouts until 9pm. Result.

Let the new dawn of my public work-outs begin…next week- I am currently nursing snuffles so bad I fear they would send me home from a class with looks of disgust and fears of contagion.

In the meantime I shall yoga my way back to good health in time for BodyPump on Monday