9 Dec 2014. MAKE THE HABIT


This week I have been embarking on a mission to FORM habits, as opposed to focusing on those bad ones I am trying to break.

Here are my works in progress:

Happy Habit #1: yoga before breakfast.

Life is so bloody busy at the moment- fitting in work shifts, exercise, social time and arty-crafty time, not to mention dreaded life admin, that unless I practice before breakfast, it doesn’t get done until near lunchtime as I’m TERRIBLE for post-meal faffing around online and before I know it it’s time to leave for a group classes and I have to choose between the two.

My habit forming process is attempting to be gentle, no pressure: even if I only do 10 minutes of gentle stretching and no strenuous poses, its all about creating a new natural routine, not guilt tripping and psyching myself out.

Happy Habit #2: no snacking.

Definitely more of a challenge- I had been swearing by snacks as an essential way of fueling my increased exercise schedule. Unfortunately, when my exercise is less, I still feel the need to snack and has resulted in some serious ‘snack-attacks’. Instead of bulking up meals with rice cakes, I am allowing myself protein packed smoothies if I’m really feeling the low blood sugar, but as a general rule, once my plate is empty, that’s it until the next meal time. I’ve actually managed A WHOLE BLOODY WEEK (!) of this and feel great for it. I think the secret is never to have my cup of tea WITH my meal, but to save it until “dessert” and do all the washing up while I wait for the kettle to boil- sometimes I amaze myself in my ability to trick my brain with these little distraction tactics!

So far so good, although it has become harder to get the yoga in now the parents are home and dad invites me to a share of the french press every morning before I’ve even rolled out of bed. Tomorrow I shall have to set my alarm earlier…