11th Jan 2015. NOT JUST A PHASE


I am finishing this week aching but happy. Two days of LesMills Combat have just about done me in but I have enjoyed every second. Usually I try to avoid doing the same workout 2 days in a row, but knowing the popularity of today’s class, I decided it would be better to end up doing both than miss out and do none at all. I could really feel the difference today though- I still felt strong but my punches felt like they had much less power behind them- God only knows what tomorrows BodyPump will do to me!

It just goes to show how far my motivation has grown, that I can be feeling so on top of my game despite the catastrophe that was my mid-week slump. Every time I get back up after a falter, I am filled with a new confidence that this is not just one of my healthy, exercise kick phases; this time it has finally become a lifestyle. the one I can keep and sustain.

There are still challenges ahead but no bigger than those I have already overcome: moving away from the mountains that inspired me, living with my parents and having to work around their diets as well as my own, and mustering the energy to carry on training once I started working again. In the grand scheme of things they could never be called monumental accomplishments, yet I still feel that I have much to be proud of in what I have achieved.




It’s been a horrible couple of days- crappy life admin, chores and paperwork suddenly appeared out of the blue to fill my time with tedious and time consuming, mentally draining horror. There have been so many set-backs and such frustration that it put a dent in my motivation so huge that I couldn’t even bring myself to work-out. That was a bit of a shock, since I’ve been so very disciplined; knowing that no-matter-what, the thought of how much better I will feel after my exercise will get me up and at it.

Not so this week, but I have emerged on the other side of my 2-day slump and junk-food marathon feeling…stronger. Yes, I cracked, but by the close of the day yesterday I could feel the motivation and positivity start to seep back and I knew that I had it in me to pull it back together and get back on the healthy-train TODAY.

Having overloaded my system with sugar ALL DAY yesterday, my thinking goes that I should have quite enough to get me through today with a gentle-on-the-tummy regimen of chia packed, dairy-free and low sugar (1/4 banana) green smoothies. Enough protein fuel for my muscles and calories to keep me from entering starvation-mode, but still nice and low to encourage burning all those delightful stored sugars from the last 24 hours. So my theory goes anyway. It’s a strategy that has worked well in the past: the liquid form helps break me from the comfort eating cycle that so often occurs on my bad days, my stomach gets a reset on digesting and I still have enough sustenance to stop me from crashing and burning out mid-afternoon.

A cheeky LesMills BodyPump class around lunchtime got me back in touch with my body too. It always helps after a bad day or 2 to be reminded that a little wobble on the health-front does not mean you have lost it all. I am still strong, I have not failed, and tomorrow I will re-emerge feeling stronger still: knowing that whenever I trip I have the will and determination to get back up and carry on.