29 Sept 2014. Cycle 3 Starting Stats

Weight: 125lbs (8st. 13lbs)

Longest Run: 12.08 miles

Fastest Pace: 7:40 minutes per mile

IMG_20140929_101401 IMG_20140929_101527 IMG_20140929_101653 IMG_20140929_101857

28 July 2014. Cycle 2 Starting Stats

Weight: 131lbs (9st. 5lbs)

Longest Run: 7.6 miles

Fastest pace: 8:39 minutes per mile

image  image imageimage


2 thoughts on “PROGRESS

    • Hi Vin,

      At the moment I’m barely running at all. I had some time off after my knee got tweaky about a month ago, then I had an absolutely awesome PB smashing run but ended up with a dodgy hip…so its not been too great! I WAS running 3 days a week though with yoga and strength training. If you check out the TRAINING tab its got my 8 week plans and then whether I actually accomplished them or not so you can see exactly what I’ve been doing 🙂


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