When I started this blog it was as a fit- but still quite curvy- girl living in a skinny-mini yoga-girl world. I was frustrated by feeling at once happy with my body and my fitness level but at the same time envious of all those around me who ‘looked the part’ in a way I just couldn’t seem to do. It sounds shallow, and it probably it is, but lets be honest: I’m not alone in this kind of vanity.

Having been laid off from my winter job in Spring 2014, I decided to have some fun-courtesy of my savings account- and see just how fit I could get if I made training my primary focus.  An on/off but enthusiastic runner for most of my adult life, I dreamed up and began to implement a schedule  intended to train me up to run the 25k ‘Comfortably Numb‘ trail in Whistler BC. I never made it. My 10 week plan stopped short at 5 when my lack of medical cover brought me back to the UK with not-particularly-exciting ‘women’s issues’.

Despite being transported from recreational sports heaven into the size 16, desk-job ‘real world’, I was determined to carry on training and not let the trappings of regular life lead to inactivity and weight gain. I have been tweaking my training plans ever since with varying degrees of success, with a focus on finding a sustainable level of training that keeps building on my fitness but is more than just a short-term plan to get me in shape for just one big race.

This blog documents my adventures in fitnessland- the goals I set myself, my experiences following training plans new, old and of my own invention. It’s about exploration- what does an already fit girl have to do to get an athlete’s body? Is it even possible with a shamefully sweet tooth and all the lazy habits of a ‘normal’ human being? Can it REALLY be done in 30 days as so many fitness programs claim or will this be a long slow process?

Follow my progress in statistics and pictures, or even join me on one of my training cycles. Lets have some fun!




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