It’s been a horrible couple of days- crappy life admin, chores and paperwork suddenly appeared out of the blue to fill my time with tedious and time consuming, mentally draining horror. There have been so many set-backs and such frustration that it put a dent in my motivation so huge that I couldn’t even bring myself to work-out. That was a bit of a shock, since I’ve been so very disciplined; knowing that no-matter-what, the thought of how much better I will feel after my exercise will get me up and at it.

Not so this week, but I have emerged on the other side of my 2-day slump and junk-food marathon feeling…stronger. Yes, I cracked, but by the close of the day yesterday I could feel the motivation and positivity start to seep back and I knew that I had it in me to pull it back together and get back on the healthy-train TODAY.

Having overloaded my system with sugar ALL DAY yesterday, my thinking goes that I should have quite enough to get me through today with a gentle-on-the-tummy regimen of chia packed, dairy-free and low sugar (1/4 banana) green smoothies. Enough protein fuel for my muscles and calories to keep me from entering starvation-mode, but still nice and low to encourage burning all those delightful stored sugars from the last 24 hours. So my theory goes anyway. It’s a strategy that has worked well in the past: the liquid form helps break me from the comfort eating cycle that so often occurs on my bad days, my stomach gets a reset on digesting and I still have enough sustenance to stop me from crashing and burning out mid-afternoon.

A cheeky LesMills BodyPump class around lunchtime got me back in touch with my body too. It always helps after a bad day or 2 to be reminded that a little wobble on the health-front does not mean you have lost it all. I am still strong, I have not failed, and tomorrow I will re-emerge feeling stronger still: knowing that whenever I trip I have the will and determination to get back up and carry on.



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