4th Jan 2014. NOT MY FINEST HOUR


I often struggle to leave the house on time, I’m not generally LATE, but I cut it fine. No matter how on top of things I am, the final 10 minutes before ‘go time’ usually turns into a big old faff about: flossing my teeth, discovering my keys are missing, deciding to give my hair a quick brush…etc.

This morning was no exception as I scrambled to leave for my LesMills BodyPump class having mislaid my lipbalm, hat AND gloves. I usually cycle but, deciding I was late, I grabbed the car keys. Once I actually saw the car, I realised that if I took the time to scrape the frost off then I would be later than if I biked (it’s only a 10 minute ride), so back inside I went to grab my helmet and head out the back gate instead.

With an almighty speed-cycle effort I made it with minutes to spare, feeling a little frazzled but determined not to let it ruin my workout. I generally try to attend classes on weekday afternoons- they are less full and the attendees seem to take themselves a little less seriously (why this matters I have no idea, I take my fitness pretty seriously after all, but it feels like a nicer vibe anyway) than the evening and weekend crew, I don’t know if this is particular to my gym or if this is a universal peculiarity. Consequently though, it meant that this morning was my first experience of a FULL class and by the time I made my entrance there were only bars with faulty clips and no yellow 1.25kg weights left…oh no!

As the last person into the class I thought it probably served me right for being so scatty and just decided to do what I could; it would only mean using 2.5kg less than usual for most tracks and it would get me to focus on really perfect form. Nevertheless it was a scramble to get all my equipment together- trapping my fingers as I wrestled with those damn clips (does anyone else ever have this problem?) and feeling the rolling eyes as I dashed about to grab everything I needed, desperately pulling off my outerwear as I went, and trying not to get in the way of everyone else- who by this point had begun the warm up.

Deciding that I was already quite warm after my ride to class, I took an extra second to fix my hair back up (it does get a little excited if I rush about too much so, needless to say, it needed restraining by this point..). Cue my hair tie snapping and PINGING ACROSS THE STUDIO..gaah. Off I went on retrieval mission, ducking and weaving (note to self: must start carrying more than one hair tie), through the weights, steps and my glaring co-attendees.

I got back into the game for the end of the warm-up and managed to have a very satisfying class- the slightly lower weight meant I was able to concentrate on keeping my abs tight through every part of each move, and man did I feel it.

But the moral of the story- I may not always be able to prevent making a dick of myself and being that person in class (the day I had a broken step and fired one of the feet across the room is maybe a delightful tale for another time)- but I CAN minimise the risk, and be more considerate of my classmates, by a little more work on my timekeeping.


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