It’s been a tip-top weekend of wedding fun and shenanigans…and zero exercise…and terrible food choices.

I had a great time and felt OK….until today when I completely failed to get back on the wagon. I’m trying not to beat myself up- probably the most important thing I’ve learned in this whole fitness experience is that sometimes it just doesn’t happen and I need to just go with the flow and how I’m feeling day-by-day. As part of the bigger picture, it certainly seems to be creating a healthier me, both in body and mind, but MY GOD does it feel crap on these nasty off-days when I just can’t get it together.

After a day like today the paranoia kicks in and I wonder if THIS TIME I have really lost it, that now I’ll lose all my hard-earned strength and gain a bunch of weight.   I’m not going to lie- I have not been hugely disciplined for a few weeks now but keep on clawing things back just enough each week to hold on to the dream. I’ve really been struggling to find my enthusiasm and ENJOY my exercise since my knee caved in and I had to take a couple of weeks off last month.

Somewhere inside it’s still there though, just waiting to sweat it out and feel stronger. In an attempt to rouse myself to action (and because I’m STILL pretty pleased with myself over last weeks pace PB) I’ve decided to sign up for some races…surely a bit of pressure will get me back out there…

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