Weght: 126lbs (9 stone)

I am slowly and painfully inching my way back onto the wagon. My successes of late, which I am DESPERATELY trying to focus on, are that I have learned to love yoga. I would happily do it for all my workouts, any time of day EVEN first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, battling my way through strength training and gruelling runs and the feeling of achievement when it’s over is still the only truly effective way I have found to silence the demons in my brain and distract me from my snack-attacks.

My knees are still tweaky so I’m allowing myself off running for now, but my PAINFUL transition back into my strength training is beginning to make me suspect just one thing: I’m BORED.

I still LOVE Jillian Michaels, from the bottom of my heart, but- as with Yoga with Adriene– I know the workouts inside-out, back-to-front. I find myself thinking ahead to the circuits I hate most and filling up with pre-emptive dread, despite enjoying the actual present experience. Its time to mix it up.

I’m a LITTLE slow to the party, but today I tried out LiveStrong’s STRONGER plan. I’m not gonna lie- I miss Jillian, but I did enjoy the work-out, which is encouraging a tad corny but I think I can cope, and it seems to challenge me enough to be worthwhile. I intend to commit to the 8 weeks and make it the basis of my new ‘cycle’. On top of that, I will be nurturing my new yoga-love with daily sessions between 20 minutes and 1hr- time and feeling dependent. In a week or so, when my knees stop creaking, I am going to sub in some runs for the cardio work-outs. In the meanwhile, I’ll finish off my final week of ‘cycle 2’ with trials of the other STRONGER workouts.

I’m feeling re-motivated just plotting it…let’s get cracking…


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