22 Sep 2014. IDOL(S) OF THE DAY


Today I would like to share with you my love for the two wonderful ladies of YouTube who FINALLY got me into yoga.

It has taken a long, LONG time for me to finally find my yoga love. I have tried and tried for at least 10 years- always knowing its much-praised benefits and envying the radiant and healthy (and tiny) yoga girls with their perfect bodies and seemingly perfect mind-body balance.

I went to classes, I bought books, I used DVDs from the library: Nothing. I lived 2 years in Whistler, one of those parts of the world with an obscenely high number of yoga schools per head, where all-ages of locals swore by it as the best way to keep skiing well into your senior years and 5 FREE classes available every week. Nothing. Unbelievable. I had given up my yoga dreams; clearly, it just wasn’t my thing.

Then one day, like a ray of light through my dark and dusty closet of yoga paraphernalia, came Yoga with Adriene. her YouTube channel offers a variety of session lengths and themes, and I immediately warmed to her adorable and unpretentious style. Here was a yoga girl who brought a passion for yoga but most importantly (for me), a sense of personality that had been missing from my experience of yoga so far. It changed everything.

As my practice grew more frequent, I started feeling the need to branch out- one YouTube instructor can only suffice for so long until the craving for a new challenge overcomes loyalty, and I was not (and still am not) ready to freestyle..! Enter Lesley Fightmaster. A true yoga goddess of the internet, her classes are VERY challenging but my steady improvement and slow perfecting of the poses and movement has been incredibly rewarding. Her style is calm and relaxed and she has one of those kind voices; I always imagine her as someone very internally and spiritually content and I never fail to feel nurtured after one of her videos. The sheer volume of full classes on offer has so far kept my loyalty- not to mention that many of the poses she teaches are still slightly out of my grasp. It is here that I have come to find my now DAILY (who’d have thought it?) yoga home.

So I thank you both- the best yoga ladies on the internet- for being the glorious proof I needed that yoga is so much more than smug, dairy-free skinnies in lulus. I’m a thrilled convert, and it was totally worth the wait 🙂

Image courtesy of Paul Gooddy at freedigitalphotos.net


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