28 July 2014. KILLING IT


WEIGHT: 131lbs (9 stone 5lbs)

Day 1 of my new 8 week plan. Although by this point- 6 weeks of training now since my lazy lazy days- I thought I would be feeling less intimdated, it’s not the case. I see it as a testiment to my training plan design skills that it still feels as gruelling as ever; that’s what I signed up for right? If it’s easy it’s no good.

This is where I go from/base level fitness to really pushing myself beyond the averagely fit human being. Today went pretty well- started my first full body work out with 3.5kg weights (the first time I’ve ever used them) and SMASHED my target pace of 9:00 miles per minute , coming in with an average pace of 8:30! Which, it would seem, was just a leeetle to much because…I puked. Also a first for me. Just a little bit and I held on until I got home. Result. It had been a good hour since I’d eaten too, I cant’t believe it happened. But it’s all good because I KILLED IT! Woo motivation!

Actually, I’ve been feeling pretty motivated all day by my clean eating success rate recently. I have enjoyed 3 whole rest days- well, 2 of those were full of flights and trains and buses, but no exercise except carting my 50kg of luggage- and knuckled down on my bad eating habits. There have been a couple of squares of dark chocolate but its been such an improvement on my usual sugar snacking that I’m feeling really quite proud of myself. Only 55 more days to go…


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